Fast Fashion v/s Slow Fashion.

What is Fast Fashion? 

Fast Fashion are outfits that are replicated from the recent ramp shows and are produced in bulk to make them available for the masses. The styles presented are based on leading Fashion Week runway shows or worn by celebrities. The idea is to get the newest / current trend in the market as fast as possible with cheaper prices. Forever21, Shein, Zara, Uniqlo are examples of brands that employ fast fashion strategy. 

Undoubtedly the fast fashion brands generate a vast revenue however it also forms a notion in the minds of the consumers that they can readily discard their old outfits in 3-4 uses. Mass production demands using of heavy industrial machinery that emits huge amount of harmful gases, making use of cheap and toxic textile dyes which makes India the 2nd largest polluting textile industry. 

What is Slow fashion? 

Slow fashion includes garments and products that takes time to produce but lasts for a longer time. On the contrary to fast moving fashion garments, which are priced low and lasts merely for a month or so, these garments are priced higher and have a better quality. 

Slow fashion engages local artisans and makes use of vegan / Eco – friendly fabrics which aims to conserve environment as well as provide value to its customers. It is an alternative to fast fashion in the sense that it promotes a more ethical and sustainable way of living and consuming. It includes the whole range of ‘sustainable,’ ‘eco,’ ‘green,’ and ‘ethical’ fashion movement”. This movement is another business model that focuses on both providing quality garments to the customers and respecting the environment and ethics. 

The world is undergoing drastic environmental changes is no secret for anyone. Opting for slow fashion means contributing your bit to the environment for its betterment. Having Sustainable Garments is now a must for the fashion brands. According to a research, 57% of the people have already made significant lifestyles changes and have adopted sustainable clothing. After the Covid -19 pandemic people are becoming all the more conscious about Mother Nature and are willing to do their bit, therefore ‘Slow Fashion’ is the New trend for 2022!


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